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  • Meet Our Trainers

    All Trainers are required to have had a successful career in teaching of at least five years and EFL Teacher Training experience for a minimum of three years, although most of them amply exceed this margin. All are active teachers, therefore fully aware of the classroom situations facing teachers today.

    • Sheila Corwin received her MA degree in Teaching English to Students of Other Language from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and holds an accredited TESL certificate. She has worked as the academic director and principal trainer for a teacher training center in Florence, Italy and has taught English language courses at university level in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico; and in private language schools in Florence, Italy and in her home state, California, USA.

    • Susan Gammage has a Master's Degree and TESOL certificate, with over 5 years’ experience in online and teleconference distance education courses. Her specialization is TOEFL and she has helped many students prepare for the IELTS. She has traveled to many countries and understands the unique needs of students immersed in new cultures. Her students describe her as a great teacher, a calming presence and completely dedicated to her students.

    • Mary Ann Moore is originally from Michigan, USA and has a Master's Degree in TESOL from the University of Leicester. She obtained her Cambridge CELTA teaching certificate in 2006 and her Cambridge DELTA diploma for teaching English to Adults in 2008. She specializes in business English, ESP and has over 8 years’ experience in the ESL field. Mary Ann has lived abroad for over 13 years and has taught in Brazil, Hungary, England, and Germany. Her philosophy as a teacher and tutor is to foster and maintain an open, communicative and supportive environment to achieve the highest learning potential for each individual. In her free time she enjoys weight training, playing the guitar and hiking.

    • Linda Byrd is from New York and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She has studied Behavioral Counseling and Human Resource Management at Webster University in St. Louis Missouri. Linda has taught ESL in Literacy programs in New York City, Charleston, and Orlando. She received her TEFL Certificate in 2010 and started teaching EFL and later Training Teachers in Guadalajara, Mexico. Linda considers her students to be family, and finds great joy in teaching EFL in Mexico. She also loves baking, and sewing.