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  • Accommodation

    The International Teacher Training Organization is able to provide accommodations for trainees at a very competitive rate during their stay in Guadalajara. The accommodations we provide are clean and comfortable.

    Homestay Program

    A home-stay with a Mexican host family for a fee of $100 USD per week, you receive three meals a day and have your own private bedroom. Home-stays are usually 35-45 minutes bus journey from the Training Center. Guadalajara, as most metropolitan cities, has residential areas and commercial areas. Because of our privileged location in the Downtown Historical Area, we do not have host homes that are within walking distance. Our Area is mostly historical buildings, restaurants, stores, etc. We select families that live in safe, pleasant neighborhoods, with easy access to public transportation. All home-stay families have been carefully selected and their properties inspected. This option is particularly useful for those who wish to practice their Spanish.

    Homestay Program includes:

    • One student per family unless otherwise requested.
    • Three meals per day (one packed lunch to bring with you to school).
    • Begins one day prior to the beginning of the classes and concludes up to one day after classes finish.
    • Students do their own laundry.
    • Mexican cooking.

    Inns, Hostels and Hotels:


    Only a short walk from our Training Center,  there are Private and shared rooms equipped with a common kitchen, and dining room conditioned ideally for having a conversation with other guests, watching cable television, or simply gliding the day with a cup of coffee, free WIFI. Continental breakfast is included in some.

    The cost can vary from $1,050.00 pesos per week to $8,200.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on the type of accommodation. Please ask the price for longer stays.

    Hotels Four and Five stars

    Within a short walking distance  , these hotels have excellent facilities on single and double rooms. They also feature a restaurant, lounge bar, room service, free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas. The environment in all of them is very calm providing guests with a soothing ambiance. They are all in the middle of main historic and attraction sites.

    Prices range from $5,986.00 pesos per week to $26,935.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on the type of accommodations.

    Furnished Apartments

    From very good to the best available, modern one or two bedroom furnished apartments will average U.S. $550 to $1500 per month, some include a swimming pool, air conditioning and restaurant. We do not arrange roommates in apartments.

    Please contact us to provide you with fees based on your starting date.