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  • Free Activities + Excursions

    Cultural Activities

    Trainee Teachers are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and social activities here in our Institute, in the historical downtown area, around the city of Guadalajara and even in their "own home" (homestay program).

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    Extra Curricular Activities

    The city of Guadalajara represents a unique perspective of Mexican culture and tradition. We have incorporated extras into our Certificate program. To us, getting certified in Mexico means also really allowing yourself to experience and enjoy the finest aspects of Mexican culture. In order to enhance the learning experience for our students, we also provide the following extra-curricular activities as an optional part of your learning. You may choose the activities that are of most interest to you:

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    One of the most valuable aspects of gaining your certification and/or teaching experience in Mexico is the opportunity to really live the culture of this beautiful land. An important part of our four week program is that we provide our students with just such an opportunity. In addition to the wide variety of cultural events that take place here in the historical downtown area, which are absolutely free of charge, we organize field trips to certain areas of special interest. Flexibility is a key feature in our program.

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