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    International Teachers Training Organization, better known as ITTO, offers internationally recognized certificate courses in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). ITTO is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing high quality, highly practical teacher training courses where participants develop their teaching skills through a combination of morning input sessions and afternoon teaching practices.

    ITTO's reputation and the high quality of its course allow us to guarantee our graduates paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide upon successful completion of the 4 week course. International recognition of the ITTO certificate is a quality we have proudly displayed over the years. Becoming qualified to Teach English as a Foreign or Second Language with the International Teacher Training Organization is an exciting and rewarding four-week program which develops the necessary skills, confidence and ability to teach EFL/ESL effectively.

    ITTO uses a communicative approach to train new teachers whose skills meet the specific needs of today's EFL/ESL job market. With our focus on providing exceptional teacher training and ensuring graduates a teaching position. ITTO stands out among other institutions.

    ITTO is now an ISIC Student Card provider. Catering to our graduates traveling spirits ITTO can now facilitate your acquisition of the International Student Identification Card which is accepted in over 140 countries around the world with an excess of 40,000 industry providers which will provide you with a wealth of benefits in the form of discounts for transportation, insurance, and much more.

    One of the many advantages of taking the ITTO course outside your home country is that it gives you the hands on experience needed to make a smooth transition from student to teacher. The unusually high number of teaching practices (exceeding international standards) during the course also gives you the authentic teaching experience sought by potential employers in this expanding global industry. In Guadalajara, Mexico we offer a location that is vibrant, rich in culture and accessible. What better reasons for choosing a program than first class training, plenty of real teaching experience with genuine EFL students following an official curriculum. The latter is extremely important, since many other training centers around the world recruit volunteers for trainees' teaching practices. Another thing to add is the beautiful, historical location where you gain a true reflection of teaching English in a foreign country.

    Our relationship does not end on the final day of the course. Upon successful academic completion of the program, the International Teacher Training Organization provides lifelong job guidance worldwide, and guarantees graduates paid employment in Mexico. Direct employment contacts are provided for virtually any world destination. With literally thousands of school contact details from all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for job placement / guidance, after your course will be efficiently met.

    Our infrastructure is highly strengthened by a partnership we have established with one of the most prestigious language centers in the region located only steps away from our training center. With over forty classrooms, groups of E.F.L. learners of all ages and levels, and classes running from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M., Monday-Saturday at our E.F.L. partner school, you are sure to obtain all the necessary (+) real teaching practice you need in order to start your career in Mexico or anywhere around the world. Our partner school is a linguistic icon in the region, it has been successfully operated for over 35 years providing teacher training courses in Mexico and also featuring an extension for the Teaching of Spanish to foreign students.

    The course itself is offered through the use of interactive techniques and experiential activities, in order to develop the long-term thinking and planning skills that will be needed by the teacher and required by employers around the world. Each input session follows a similar pattern: doing, recalling, reflecting, conducting and practicing.

    The course is designed to be developmental and incremental and to encourage the trainees to be creative and confident in their work.

    ITTO is one of the few Certification centers around the world that cause a positive impact in society. The leading provider in Latin America, ITTO, also embraces the Socially Responsible spirit. ITTO makes it a priority to positively impact the lives of all its members and the community that surrounds it. By taking your course with ITTO not only are you selecting the finest academic quality, international recognition, and full proof secured job placement but you are also supporting the multiple charitable organizations that ITTO supports.

    Our course in Mexico is training students to teach English as a foreign or second language and also finding them post course paid employment in México. With literally thousands of school's contact details from all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for job placement and guidance will be efficiently met. We are based in Guadalajara, Mexico; nevertheless, through our network of employment contacts we assist our graduates in finding employment all over the world. By gaining ITTO´s international certification you are assured worldwide acceptance as an English teacher.