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  • Why Teach English Abroad

    What does TEFL stand for?

    TEFL stands for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language," also known as TESOL, which stands for Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. Both work for the same purpose, they are just different ways of naming the field.

    Many believe that TEFL courses are merely a prerequisite to teaching English abroad. But actually, a certificate will open a completely new world of education mixed with travel. There are plenty of reasons why many are choosing to teach English abroad because of the amazing experience and opportunities available. Teaching in another country makes room for enlightenment with different cultural customs, various dialects, and historical landmarks all over the world.

    Benefits of Taking a TEFL Certification

    For more reasons than one, many traveler-minded people choose to take a 4 week course and teach English abroad:

    • To start with, you just require to Speak English fluently and love traveling
    • A very short but intense training for 4 weeks
    • A job waiting for you after finishing the training
    • You get personal assistance on finding a job
    • Sightseeing excitement
    • Experience new cultures
    • Enjoy adventurous activities
    • More options for jobs

    TEFL courses help teachers learn valuable strategies to aid students with meaningful learning but working abroad comes with many benefits. A TEFL certificate is reputable even in other countries and the greatest benefit is gain the opportunity to travel. Other professions do not offer this luxury to visit new places and have unique experiences while making a living. In comparison to traditional teaching methods, making the choice to teach English abroad offers much more.

    Integrate Teaching with Learning

    There is no doubt that these certificate courses will prepare future educators on how to teach students but traveling offers a valuable learning experience that keeps on giving. A chance to teach English abroad is an open door to new sets of cultures and languages. Each local community will have different sets of customs, dialects, apparel, religion, and cuisines. Many teachers prefer to travel and teach abroad to learn more by enjoying the refreshing sights found in each location.

    Keeping the Job Interesting

    A unique advantage from choosing to teach English abroad is that a foreign place keeps the job interesting. Undoubtedly, meeting new people, trying new foods, and sightseeing will bring positive progress in various ways. Living in a foreign country makes it far easier to learn another language or local dialect. In most situations, frequent vacations are not an option because almost all occupations do not offer much down time. Additionally, the expenses to visit another country are extremely costly and there is always a limited time. An interesting job is difficult to find but a TEFL certificate will keep work interesting in every aspect.


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