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  • Course Content

    A TEFL Certificate shows that you have training and experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language; it verifies that you have knowledge in the theory and methods pertinent to understanding second language development and how a second language should be taught. Completing the program will give you the skills along with the confidence to be a success in the ESL/EFL classroom. Finally, a certification program gives you advantages over other candidates who may be looking for a teaching position. Being certified by ITTO assures your certificate will be recognized worldwide.

    Administrators and school directors are more strict about who they hire than they once were. In the past, any native speaker could simply ask for a job and be given one. A Certificate shows employers that you have been trained and are acquainted with the skills and methods of teaching English. Your teaching certificate will therefore make you a much more attractive job candidate over unqualified applicants. Our certificate has been internationally recognized by hundreds of schools and we can assure you it will serve you wherever in the world you decide to teach.

    Holding a certificate will definitely become a worthy added value to your CV or resume, as certification is becoming a standard requirement when applying for teaching jobs. Along with the benefit of our permanent job guidance program, you can feel secure in never having problems obtaining a teaching job.

    If your interest is traveling and teaching abroad, we sincerely encourage you to search "Paid job placement" agencies.

    Different from what reputable agencies do, which is to secure a position for you abroad, we will go further. Upon successful academic completion of the course we will certify you as a professional teacher as well as obtain paid employment for you. A certificate gives you advantages over other candidates who may be applying for the same jobs. With our contacts with literally thousands of schools all around the world, you may rest assured that your requests for job placement and guidance will be efficiently met.

    The course follows an immersion method where trainees develop their teaching skills and knowledge of grammar through a combination of morning input sessions and evening practical teaching.

    During input sessions students are engaged in the class by frequently breaking into small groups to create teaching materials and practice teaching techniques.

    During teaching practice, trainee teachers put into practice the skills and methodology learned during the input sessions. Trainees teach genuine EFL students following an official curriculum, the latter is extremely important, since many other training centers around the world recruit volunteers for trainees' teaching practices.

    All teaching practices are fully observed by our trainers. Feedback is given and suggestions are made regarding the areas of teaching that could be improved.

    The emphasis is on continual assessment and participants are expected to address the issues raised from previous feedback in their future lessons.

    The course is divided into six areas:

    Course Materials

    Trainees will be provided materials for the following areas of the course:

    • Teaching Skills
    • Language Awareness
    • Phonetics
    • Classroom Management

    Program Assessment

    Assessment is continuous and accounted as follows:

    • Teaching Practice - 40%
    • Written assignments and participation in class – 30%
    • Grammar / Phonetics tasks and test - 20%
    • Classroom management – 10%

    Please do not hesitate to contact ITTO Administration; our staff is waiting to answer all of your questions regarding our Certificate Course.