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    Why decide on Madrid, Spain

    Moving to a new city is exciting but equally daunting, especially when you are moving somewhere with a different language and culture. However, Madrid has so many interesting and fun opportunities to offer you, that by the time you have finished reading these reasons of why Madrid is the ideal city to move to; you will have forgotten why you ever doubted it.

    One of the biggest advantages of doing your TEFL course in Madrid is that there is always a high demand for English teachers here; Spanish are constantly looking for English teachers and it is as simple as that! After completing your course, you will definitely be successful in finding work.

    Spanish cuisine is yet another reason to come to Madrid. The Spanish frequently eat out in tapas bars, where you can share lots of small plates of typical tasty Spanish food, washed down with little beers known as “cañas”. The best thing about the delicious food and drink in Madrid is that it is extremely affordable, unlike many other European cities. This means that you can be out and about meeting new people all around the city, without breaking the bank.

    The people in Madrid are yet another reason to come to this vibrant city. They are very sociable and you will always see people spilling out of bars and cafes onto the streets, giving the city an energetic and friendly atmosphere. In general the madrileños are lively, welcoming and outgoing, meaning that finding friends and settling in is a much easier process than you might expect it to be. This means that you will be able to make the most of Madrid’s famous nightlife almost as soon as you’re here, whether you prefer small, intimate bars, or clubs with 5 floors of different music, Madrid will have something for you.

    Another draw to the city is that it is absolutely brimming with culture, with 3 major art galleries displaying a huge variety of Spanish art, such as the Museo Reina Sofia housing the famous Guernica by Picasso. There is also an impressive selection of international art on display as well, along with lots of other smaller galleries which are equally worthwhile. You might not expect it but Madrid has also got a variety of parks, such as Retiro Park, Casa de Campo and Parque del Oeste. Madrid boasts hot summer months, and whilst the winters can get pretty cold, it is rare to have a day without sun and clear blue skies, so you will be able to enjoy the parks whenever you want, not just in summer! This might help to explain why everyone here is so friendly and happy all the time.

    Finally, Madrid is not only the capital city, but it is geographically the exact center of the country. This means that it is the gateway to travelling all over Spain. Trips to other Spanish cities are never too far away from you, and with the excellent transport links it is never going to be difficult to make a spontaneous trip elsewhere. The AVE train (fast train) runs from Madrid’s main train station, Atocha, and can link you to almost anywhere you want to go. If you would rather catch a flight, the Spanish budget airlines such as Vueling run frequent, inexpensive flights between most of the major cities too. Malaga, Valencia, San Sebastian, Ibiza, Tenerife and of course Barcelona are all reachable for weekend getaways!

    With all these reasons to come to Madrid for your TEFL course we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!

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