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    The School

    Our TEFL program in Madrid is accredited by IATQuO, The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations, which ascertains that schools meet international standards in the training of TEFL teachers. In the 9 years that we have been training people, we have received praise for our constant improvement, which has made us one of the most recognized academies in TEFL certification. Our internationally recognized certificate allows you to be an ESL teacher in Spain and all over the world.

    We believe that by giving our trainees the right guidance and tools, plus constant support, we can help them achieve their maximum potential, which often exceeds their own expectations. Our TEFL course lasts for four intensive weeks during which our trainees learn grammar, phonetics, TEFL methodology, classroom management and much, much more. The course prepares trainees to confront the teaching world with self-confidence and the certainty that they can be better than good, that they are excellent professionals.

    On day one the team usually meets a bunch of people who are not quite sure what the future holds for them. Some are just starting to experience their independent life and want to work and travel, others are trying to change their careers. The only thing they all have in common is that they all want to be English teachers, and that they all feel equally eager and nervous. But then, who does not feel vulnerable when starting something new? That is where our team comes in. We are highly trained and experienced professionals, we have all been through exactly the same transition, and we do everything we can to guide our trainees through the course and into their life beyond. That is precisely what makes us more of a family than just a school; we really care for each other.

    Through every input they have, every class they teach and from the feedback they get, our trainees acquire the skills to be great teachers. They learn how to empathize with students, how to recognize their learning style, how to engage them and make them feel comfortable and happy to be learning. We even get our trainees to learn Russian or Croatian for a day, to realize the importance of making the students speak more than the teacher and to experience how difficult it can be to learn another language!

    We have to admit that we do demand a lot from our future teachers, picking on every detail that needs to be improved and asking for really well prepared lessons. It is tiring, it is challenging, it is fun, and it is demanding, it is a lot of things. However, on the last day we face a group of self-confident people eager to go out there and rock it, and from the amazing feedback we get from employers, we know that they do!

    The School facilities and location

    The school is located in Barrio Salamanca, a beautiful leafy shopping area close to the center of Madrid. We have shops, banks, restaurants, bars and supermarkets all really close by, as well as 3 metro stations!

    The school is modern, spacious and equipped with everything you might need while doing your TEFL course. We have a library with lots of books for you to plan your lessons, as well as a beautiful resource room where you can use our computers or bring your own laptop if you prefer. There is always place for you to get comfortable and work.

    We also have eleven classrooms that are equipped with computers and speakers, so that you can use technology while teaching if you want to. We even have an interactive whiteboard; one of the most modern ESL classroom resources. We all know that the course is tough, so tea and coffee are available in our kitchen. We've got everything you could possibly need; a vending machine, a fridge, plates and a microwave. Everything is there for you to use and enjoy whilst on your breaks. We are waiting for you!