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    Job Placement

    During the TEFL course our expert trainers will help you adjust your resume so that you can really sell yourself to the employers here – we have many years of experience in Madrid and have great relationships with over 300 schools, academies and agencies here. We’ll also give you tips on what to expect from interviews and what will be expected of you. On the day you graduate, we send your resume out to all our contacts, and they start contacting you immediately for interviews – our grads have a great reputation! You will also receive an email every day with up to date information on jobs that come up around the city. If you want to apply to any, you can do that directly.

    We are always here to offer advice and guidance in your job search – sometimes the most difficult part is choosing which job to take! All of our graduates find work within weeks of completing the course.

    One of the biggest concerns you'll have when moving to a foreign country like Spain is trying to secure work. Well, stop worrying and start packing, as the school's job support program is second to none.

    Unlike some TEFL academies that lose interest in you as soon as your money's in the bank, the school is committed to offering you complete Post-TEFL Course support. This includes lifelong job guidance, job contacts worldwide plus helping you find all the teaching jobs you desire and keeping your teaching schedule full. For this reason, we have an excellent relationship with the top English language agencies in Madrid, who all recognize the quality of our course and prefer to hire our graduates. All our graduates are guaranteed job interviews and we also provide you with our premium CV service which connects you with over 300 agencies, schools and academies. If interviews are not your strong point, don't worry as we will go at your paces and make sure you present yourself in a way that you will have to choose which teaching job offer to take.


    Teach English at the Best Spanish Cafes!

    Teach English while you drink coffee with your students! Yes, teach English at some of the best and loveliest cafes in Spain! This is a new way of teaching that is hitting the cities of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Malaga. This recent method is being featured in international magazines, blogs, as well as local newspapers and quoted as "different, innovative and exciting" along with “original and alternative”. You will mainly teach conversational English while focusing on grammar, enhancing vocabulary, fluidity and giving practical exercises while sharing facts about your own culture to no more than 5 students at a time. Each session lasts 2 hours and shall be fun and efficient. Additionally, you may teach private lessons and once a month meet with other groups so your students can get to meet them.

    Contact us for further information.