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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Do prospects need any special requirements or pre-course interview or tasks?

    If a prospect is non-native English speaker, doesn’t have a 4 year degree or is under 21 year's old, he/she will have a chat with the Director. We will also ask you to write an essay asking why you want to take the TEFL Course.

    What if a non-European decides to just take the 4 week TEFL Course: would you help with any jobs at all?

    We help but prefer that you take the programs with Student Visa Assistance such as the Lifestyle Program, Lifestyle PLUS Program or The Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion Program.

    What kind of visa do you need to just take the 4 week TEFL course?

    You need a tourist visa only. *We encourage non-Europeans to sign up for the Spanish, Language and Cultural immersion program so you can teach legally and travel freely.

    How far are the accommodations from the school?

    Accommodations are within 30 minutes from the school in Madrid.

    Do students get their own room or a shared room?

    Studio flats with private room and Shared flats are set up by a partner agency for €500 EUR per month.
    *There is also a €300 EUR deposit which you will get returned upon termination of your stay.
    A Room with a Host family starts at €350 Euros per month.

    Are pets allowed in the accommodations?

    Pets are not accepted. It will be a bit difficult to find a place that welcomes pets.

    Which type of accommodation do you recommend for couples?

    We recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook page since our graduates publish great housing options!

    Do you assist with any accommodation assistance after the course?

    Yes we do!

    Do you offer tourist packages for students?

    Yes we do! The 1 year programs include the Spanish Culture Program (museum visits, dance classes, Spanish cooking classes, tapas evenings, etc.).

    Can students travel by bus, taxi, or train?

    Yes, the transportation system is pretty easy to use. Spain recently passed a law for taxis to charge €30 EUR to any place. The accommodation agency can help set up the taxi transportation upon arrival to Madrid.

    Why choose our TEFL Course?

    The main thing that sets us apart from other TEFL academies is that we are very family based, which means you have a strong support network in your new home. Graduates often pop in to use all our resources, get advice etc. even when they have completed the TEFL. We have social events where you will become friends with other graduates, as well as run courses and help you with job searches no matter how long you have been here. We are centrally located in a beautiful area of Madrid, in a school equipped with everything you will need including an endless supply of tea and coffee to keep you going!

    Something else which is very important to our grads is that we have a huge focus on job placement, so as well as classes on resumes and interviews, we send your resume out to over 300 schools, academies and agencies that we work with here in Madrid, and you will receive job alert emails daily with 4-6 jobs on each. Our graduate have a great reputation in Madrid because employers know our teachers are well trained – the course is super intensive, and is designed to cover anything you may face while out teaching in the real world. You will meet people who will be your friends for life – you bond very quickly as everyone is going through a similar transition as you.

    Can I use my TEFL in other parts of the world?

    Yes. Our TEFL certification is accredited by IATQuO. This means you can use it to teach wherever you like – we have graduates in Brazil, China, Italy, Germany...the list goes on! Each certificate has a unique identity number and employers can check to ensure you did indeed receive your certificate from us.

    What are the requirements for the TEFL course?

    We ask that all applicants have a university degree and are over 21; however, we do make exceptions on a case to case basis. You will complete an application form which will be reviewed by the Director of Studies. Once this has been approved, you will have an interview with our TEFL Course Manager and will receive our answer within 24 hours. If you do not have a degree or are non-native, you will have an extra interview with our Director of Studies.

    Can I do the course if I am not a native speaker of English?

    Absolutely! We have many successful non-native graduates, and in fact generally speaking they are better at grammar than the natives! Again, you’d just need an interview with the Director of Studies to make sure your level of English is appropriate for the course.

    Do I have to speak Spanish to teach in Spain?

    Not at all, the basis behind TEFL is complete immersion in the English language – so you only speak English in class, regardless of the level of your students. During the course our trainers will teach you how to communicate with your students using other methods so that you can get your point across.

    Do I need to have any teaching experience?

    We have people from all walks of life doing the TEFL here, so we start from scratch as far as teaching is concerned. You will complete 6 teaching practices during your time here and you will be amazed at your progress – you will leave here feeling like you’ve been teaching for years!

    When is the best time to come to Madrid?

    Peak hiring times are September/October and January, but as far as finding work is concerned, anytime is a good time to come – there is a high demand for teachers year round here and all our graduates find work, regardless of when they arrive. Things are very quiet in August, when most classes stop for the summer, so if you need to work straight away, you should avoid graduating at the beginning of August.

    Will I earn enough to live?

    Yes. As a teacher you can expect €15-25 EUR per hour, and will usually work 20-30 hours per week – which is around €1200 per month. You won’t be driving a flashy car, but you will have enough to travel, explore, go out and thoroughly enjoy your experience.

    What should I bring with me?

    With suitcase allowances becoming stricter and stricter, you should pack wisely. Madrid is very hot during the summer so light clothing is essential but it gets very cold during the winter and you will need a coat and warm clothing. You do need to remember that you will be teaching in companies. Men should bring some smart trousers and shirts and women should bring trousers or skirts plus tops that have sleeves. You will also be required to wear smart/dress shoes (not trainers/sneakers) for in-company classes. There isn't really anything you can't buy here. There are American, Australian, British, Chinese, Japanese food stores; there are international and second hand bookshops and everything else available in Madrid. Make sure you bring a laptop with you if you can as this will help you greatly during the course and while teaching.

    Do I need a visa?

    If you are a non EU resident then you can apply for a student visa through our Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion program, which means you can live here legally for a year. We do not advise that you come here without that, and we are here to help you with the application process!

    What can I expect on a TEFL course?

    A lot of hard work! It is an intensive course and in 4 short weeks you will be getting paid good money to teach children and/or adults so we have a lot to teach you. You will meet a great group of people who are all in the same boat and pursuing the same goals and you will become part of the family.

    Are there jobs in today’s climate?

    Yes. Spain needs English teachers and we work with over 300 schools, academies and businesses to ensure the work constantly comes in for our graduates. We work tirelessly to make sure you have a wealth of opportunities once you have successfully completed our TEFL course and help you make informed choices about what jobs to take. ALL of our graduates have got work on successful completion of our course.

    Are you accredited?

    Yes. The TEFL course in Madrid is accredited by IATQuO. We are inspected by a representative of IATQuO for 4 days every year. We are also moderated at the end of each course by an external examiner. Our quality control is rigorous. Being accredited is important as it guarantees that you will attend a course that meets the highest of standards and the standards set out by the British Council. It also means the course is recognized throughout the world so you can take your certificate and work anywhere!

    Spanish, Language and Cultural immersion Program:

    Can you elaborate about the student visa process to get there and to work?

    Prospects should submit their application and full course fee at least 3 months before the starting date.

    The process starts from home.

    In order to qualify for the Student Visa, you need the following requirements:
    -Visa Letter: Invitation letter from the school, which you will get when you have paid their deposit.
    -Police background check: no drugs or terrorism, maybe a minor felony.
    -Buy travel insurance.
    Insurance policy
    Proof you can support yourself.
    *Must not mention you want to work.

    Does the student visa process begin before arriving to Madrid?

    The process starts at least 3 months before the course begins, so it is important for people to sign up at least 3 months before.

    Lifestyle PLUS program

    Do you accept any online TEFL course for the Lifestyle PLUS program?

    It needs to be an accredited 120-hour Online TEFL TESOL Course.
    The program is 1 year long because that is how long the student visa works.
    *If you decide to go back home there are no refunds.