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    The School


    The accredited TEFL certification course offered at our Phuket center is an internationally recognized one. It is a valuable certification to add to your qualifications.

    The certificate awarded on successful completion of the course is accompanied by a detailed validation letter from Fairmont State University, West Virginia, USA.

    A degree is not required to participate in the course, although a high school education or equivalent would be advantageous.


    Our TEFL training center in Phuket is officially validated by Fairmont State University, West Virginia, USA. It is one of the select few training centers in Asia that is validated by an American university. Not only is the TEFL course recognized by the University, students pursuing their post-graduate studies at Fairmont State University can also earn credits for completing the same.

    Founded in 1865, Fairmont State University has earned a name for being a comprehensive, regional university. It has a long history of academic excellence and is an alma mater to committed global citizen leaders. Besides always putting their students first, the University provides a enriching environment for all round development, teaching and learning.


    The accredited TEFL certification course offered at our Phuket center is licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Education. Our course has, since its inception, passed each annual inspection meeting the Ministry’s quality standards.

    Please Note: The Ministry of Education can only license TEFL courses. It does not accredit TEFL courses. Always be careful and do not accept TEFL courses from providers who claim to be accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Education.


    David Hopkins serves as the external moderator of the TEFL certification course at the Phuket center. Hopkins earned his MA in Intercultural Training and Management and Language Teaching from the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. He has worked as a teacher, an administrator, a course developer, and TEFL teacher trainer for over four decades in various parts of the globe. Hopkins has also served as a Senior English Language Fellow for the US State Dept.