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    Job Placement

    Are you interested in teaching English and traveling to new places ? If your answer is YES, this it the place for you. Finding an authentic TEFL teacher training course in an unknown country can be challenging especially when you are still to familiarize yourself with the local culture, languages and way of life. At our TEFL training centers we endeavor to equip you with all the training and support you need to successfully embark on a career in teaching English abroad.

    Teacher Training

    Our teacher training course is affordable, comprehensive and guarantees satisfactory returns. Over 98% of our graduates state that they feel the course has adequately prepared them for working within real-time classrooms.

    Accredited Certification

    ITTO´s TEFL courses are internationally accredited. The certification earned at our Phuket center is accompanied by a validation letter from Fairmont State University, West Virginia. This is just the type of certification employers require when hiring for teaching positions. Nowadays, most English teaching jobs require such certification, for a candidate to be even consider eligible for a shortlisting.

    Well Planned Coursework

    Our TEFL courses have the right combination of theoretical and practical classes. Our lectures cover every aspect of classroom teaching beneficial to a teaching professional. Our students graduate with a strong foundation in methodology, grammar, phonology and of course teaching skills.

    Thorough Lesson Planning

    Every teaching session is thoroughly planned. Our trainees are required to work under the supervision of their trainers for more than two hours. Before getting a hands-on teaching experience in an observed real- time classroom environment, every trainee need to present their proposed lesson plan to their trainer and review their teaching methods, skills and class materials.

    Insightful Teaching Observation

    After each observed teaching session, our trainees are given individualized reviews of their performance both by trainers and peer.. Their strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. Our trainers also provide pointers on how and what to improve upon before the next class. Thus every teaching session is a valuable lesson and integral part of our certification process.

    Job Support

    Our training centers not only equip you with the knowledge of what to do inside a classroom as a teacher , they also help you find and sustain your job. Our Phuket training center will help you with: • Finding and applying for unique vacancies . We have over 14 years of networking with employers in Phuket and, all over Thailand. Our students can avail of our weekly digest of advertised job vacancies as well as access our database of over 5000 employers worldwide. • A Lifetime of guidance and counseling sessions specially arranged with experienced teachers to better your existing job performance and for looking out for newer, better positions. This service can be availed of from anywhere in the world should you no longer live in Phuket. • Writing your Resume/ CV • Interview guidelines and demonstrations • Consultations in relation to reviewing and accepting contractual teaching positions

    Expected Income

    Most sites quote attractive income packages for teaching jobs. While most teachers earn a decent monthly income, it is not viable for us to quote expected averages. This is because a teacher’s income varies greatly depending on the job location, additional benefits offered by employer, job position, employer type and many such factors. A country’s minimum wage policy ( if any) as well as an individual’s qualifications and experience also affect one’s expected income.

    Visas & Work Permits

    Our training centers provide all pertinent information regarding visas and work permits in Thailand. [Contact Us] for any queries and we will help you in the best way we can.
    If your concerns are in relation to Visas and Work permits for other counties, we strongly encourage you to contact the nearest embassy of the country in which you’d like to work.
    Plead note that in almost all cases, visa and work permits are obtained with the cooperation of your employer.

    Types of Jobs

    Before you sign up for a course, it is always a good idea to know where it iight lead you to.TEFL certified teachers find gainful employment in the following types of teaching jobs:

    Mainstream Education – Most TEFL certified teachers find full-time employment as teachers in public or private schools. They also get hired by pre-schools, and universities. While most get employed to teach English as a second or foreign language, some teachers are also recruited to teach subjects such as science, math, PE, drama and even civics depending on the candidate’s other qualifications and experiences.
    Language Centers – Several TEFL certified teachers also find full-time or part-time jobs with language centers. These centers have a diverse set of lesson plans, working hours and student intake. In addition to the TEFL certification, such centers are usually on the lookout for people who are willing to work flexible hours.
    Corporations – Several corporations nowadays hire ESFL certified trainers to provide refresher courses and enrichment programs to their employees. Teaching within such a setup usually means working alone or with a very small team of fellow trainers. Such jobs require candidates to be able to work in various work cultures. In addition the candidate should be able to perform a varied range of duties including but not limited to teaching, proofreading emails and helping executives practice pronunciation. Corporations usually look for additional qualifications and experience while hiring TEFL certified trainers.


    Like income, total remuneration packages to vary from job to job.

    Some jobs provide free accommodation or payment of partial/full accommodation rent when housing is not part of the employment benefits. If accommodation is covered in your perks you can always ask to check before accepting or declining the same. You may be able to ask for a slightly higher salary for any hidden costs like utility bills.
    Most teaching positions in the Middle East and South Korea include travel expenses with a return-fare to the home country. Many other countries also offer the same benefits.
    On successfully completing a yearly contract, teachers are also usually given end-of-contract bonuses. Some bonuses come in the form of reimbursement for working documents, others offer airfare home or an additional salary. The amount and nature of such bonuses vary from employer to employer.
    An important benefit added to a basic teaching employment is health insurance. This is a legal requirement in most places and it is advisable you a quaint yourself with company policies as well as local laws regarding health benefits when accepting a teaching post.

    Career Development

    An internationally accredited onsite TESOL training program is one of the most quick and affordable ways to start a career in teaching. However, a TESOL certification complemented by additional qualifications can open doorways to much career advancement.
    One great option is to earn an Advanced TESOL certificate. ITTO currently offers two free advanced certificate courses: the Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE) and the Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL). Both are online courses and can be completed in 50 hours.
    Many Government regulations also make it easier to apply for teaching jobs if you possess a bachelor’s degree in almost any field. However, if you are aiming for positions of responsibility and high salaries, it is definitely a smart choice to invest in a post graduate course especially in subjects such as applied linguistics, TESOL, curriculum development and other allied fields of study.

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