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  • Course Content

    Course Aims:

    As a graduate of the CELTA program, you can expect to know:

    • How to be sensitive to your adult students and their needs
    • How to be sensitive to the different ways in which students learn and how to teach each learner
    • How to manage your students and classroom
    • Basics of grammar, lexis and phonology and how to teach it
    • How to teach reading, listening, speaking and writing
    • How to evaluate your own lessons before and after the class
    • How to adapt and evaluate teaching materials
    • Effective lesson planning
    • A professional classroom presence

    Program Syllabus:
    • Are you ready to start learning to teach English?
    • Unit 1 Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
    • Unit 2 Language analysis and awareness
    • Unit 3 Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
    • Unit 4 Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
    • Unit 5 Developing teaching skills and professionalism
    • Assignments 4 classroom related written assignments and 6 hours of practice teaching

    In this 4 Week program you will have a minimum of 120 contact hours including:
    • Input
    • Supervised lesson planning
    • Teaching practice (six assessed hours)
    • Feedback on teaching
    • Peer observation
    • Observation of experienced teachers (minimum six hours)
    • Consultation time

    *Candidates will need to dedicate a minimum of 80 hours for the required reading, research, pre- and post-session tasks, assignments and lesson preparation.

    Student Evaluation:

    Students are evaluated through the 6 hours of practice teaching and the 4 written assignments, as well as participation in the Input Sessions and co-operation in the teaching practice groups.

    A Pass: Demonstrates a level of teaching ability, understanding, planning and professionalism that is significantly higher than needed to pass the program.
    B Pass: Demonstrates teaching skills and professionalism that is significantly high.
    Pass: Performance meets the specified criteria, but candidates will need continued support.
    Fail: Candidates who fail to meet criteria in any assessed components.