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  • Why decide on Chiapas, Mexico

    This just about sums up this little town, with an emphasis on overlooked; which is what probably makes Chiapa de Corzo so special. There really is so much to do in town and in the surrounding area, and hardly anyone knows about it. We have quite a bit of day tourism during the high seasons, as many tour-bus companies have us on their route, but our teachers and volunteers are quickly recognized as part of the community after having been seen more than 2 days in a row!

    Situated on the banks of the Grijalva River, and at the mouth of the Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas has plenty to offer for short term, as well as longer term stays. Weekends can be easily taken up exploring the surrounding country side and other towns close-by. Just an hour and a half up the mountain you can get a break from the heat in the picturesque, colonial town of San Cristóbal. Not far from San Cristobal is Comitán, with ruins and lakes that can be easily seen in a weekend. A longer trip, about 7 hours from Chiapa, are the world renowned Mayan ruins of Palenque, an unforgettable experience. Day trips to waterfalls like El Chorreadero and El Chiflón are well worth it, as well.

    Weeknights, and night life in general, tends to be fairly laid-back. There are some cafes and bars in town that let you enjoy a nice relaxed atmosphere after a long day of teaching! But, if you are into the occasional trip to the mall, disco, big screen movie theater, etc. all that is within a 20 minute hassle-free bus ride to Tuxtla Gutierrez.

    Realistically, night life is not Chiapas strongest point, but culture is. Every single Chiapacorceño will sit down with you for hours and proudly talk about the traditional Feria de Enero. Not to mention all the other days commemorating saints, battles, the dead, etc. scattered throughout the year! You can partake in many of the traditions and traditional handicrafts by enrolling in the free workshops that the Cultural Center, Casa Escuela de Tradiciones, has to offer.

    The School, as well as all the homestays, is located within a 4 block radius of the central park (the heart of Chiapas). Around the park is where most of the day to day action takes place; cafes, restaurants, markets, shops, internet cafés, etc. Having everything so close and within walking distance really creates a close-knit feeling, which you will experience if you come stay with us!

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