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  • TEFL Course Content

    The TEFL course covers 160 hours. There is no international stipulation for the number of hours spent observing veteran teachers, but at The School you will spend over 70 hours in actual classroom settings. Needless to say, you will be busy. Here is the course broken down in more detail.

    Daily Schedule

    • 2 hours in the morning, 8-10 am, are spent with the teacher trainer learning grammar points and teaching strategies.
    • 3.5 hours a day, from 4-7:30 pm, observing, participating and practice teaching in actual classroom settings.
    • 2 hours of homework, more if there is lesson planning.

    Monthly overview

    Week one: Role of a teacher, language acquisition, basic grammar points, lesson planning, use of material, lesson observation, language and culture.

    Week two: Classroom management, discipline, attendance, intermediate grammar points, teaching skills, grading, evaluation of students.

    Week three: Materials and resources when none are available, games, strategies for reading and speaking, test preparation in class.

    Week four: Strategies for teaching children, games, classroom management, discipline, motivational skills, student participation, homework, classroom dynamics.