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  • Why decide on Toronto, Canada

    Toronto is a vibrant city filled with excitement and wonder; a place where you can experience true multiculturalism and meet new friends from all over the world. As Canada's largest city and the world's most cosmopolitan center, Toronto has been voted, time and time again, as one of the best cities in which to live. It has world renowned restaurants and some of North America's most famous landmarks such as the one-hour-away Niagara Falls. There is something for everyone in Toronto.

    The 4-Week CELTA Certificate Program is accredited by Cambridge University; it is very intensive! In the 120 Hours total you will have a lot of outside work that needs to be completed in order to be successful in the program. Also, the course is designed with a balance between practical and theoretical learning. You will receive Six teaching practices during the program.

    Time and Duration: Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm for 4 weeks.

    Teaching Practicum:

    - Teahing practices are completed outside of the course time
    - Practicum classes take place at either 2pm to 4pm or 3:30pm to 5:30pm. In some cases, weekend and evening classes may take place
    - 6 practicum classes must be taught
    - Practicum begins in week 2 of the program and extends outside of the 4 weeks of study

    Course Aims

    As a graduate, you can expect to know:

    - How to manage an ESL classroom
    - How to lesson plan with confidence (using a variety of teaching approaches) and be able to meet your Teaching Objectives, as well as your Personal Teaching Objectives
    - English grammar and ways to effectively teach a variety of grammatical points at different levels
    - Phonology (IPA chart), ways to teach pronunciation successfully (stress, syllables, intonation, etc.)
    - How to assess your students' needs
    - How to motivate your students
    - How important Socio-Cultural awareness is in the ESL classroom
    - How to adapt to and accommodate different learning styles
    - Different ways to error correct
    - How to prepare your resume (when applying for ESL teaching positions), what to expect during an interview and what to ask in an interview

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