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    The TESOL course is a 4 week, 130 hour program based around experiential learning, so it is very practical and hands on. There is a strong focus on reflective practice through a minimum 6 hours of teaching practicum. You will gain the practical skills of planning and delivering lessons to real students, and will also develop the ability to reflect on these lessons in a systematic and objective way.

    There are four basic session types:
    • Information workshops. This is when you learn about effective teaching practices, frameworks, language awareness etc. This involves lots of pair and group work; it is not lecture-style.

    • Guided lesson planning. The trainer will give you a lot of assistance in planning your lessons at the beginning of the course. By the end of the course, you will be able to plan independently.

    • Practice teaching. You will have 6 hours of practice teaching with real ESL students. This is your opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. You will observe your peers' lessons when you are not teaching.

    • Post-teaching Feedback. After each practice teaching session, there will be a feedback session in which you analyze your own lesson in terms of what helped and hindered your students' learning; analyze your peers' lessons and give them feedback as well as get feedback from your peers on your lesson; and receive verbal and written feedback from the trainer on the lesson you taught. This is an incredibly valuable and important part of the learning process.


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    Guided lesson planning
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    Practice teaching