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  • Why decide on Playa Samara, Costa Rica

    We offer TEFL courses of the utmost quality in Playa Samara, one of Costa Rica's beautiful beaches.

    The campus in Playa Samara is a cozy, little beach village, perfect to soak up beach life and sun in an unhurried atmosphere. It is located on the shore of an idyllic pale sand beach, fringed by coconut palms. The shallow waters of the large half moon bay are protected by a coral reef which makes swimming a delight. Low tide produces a vast swathe of sand, providing playground for all kinds of beach games.

    Unlike other travel destinations in Costa Rica most businesses and hotels in Samara are run by Ticos. It's a traditional weekend and holiday retreat for Costa Ricans and seems especially popular with travelers from Europe. Samara's main drag leads directly down to the beach which is shaded by lines of swaying palm trees. What better way to spend the day than dozing lazily in a hammock whilst being soothed by the ocean breeze.

    Bars and restaurants featuring sand floors and fancy beach decorations invite for lounging and dining while watching the beach scenery. At night there is a choice of cocktail bars, or if you are still not tired you can dance the rest of the night away at the beautiful beachfront bar, Tabanuco and others.

    Playa Samara

    Samara Beach is located in the province of Guanacaste, one of the largest provinces in Costa Rica. Guanacaste's lush countryside, beaches and rich culture make it an exceptional region for travel and study. The school has a beautiful campus and offers fully equipped air-conditioned rooms. On the weekends trainees can enjoy local surf contests, music concerts, bonfires and a variety of delicious international restaurants. Trainees can also snorkel, take surf lessons, swim or boat to Isla (Island) Chora, go horseback riding, bike ride and bask in the sun on the white sandy shores of Samara, and other local beaches.

    Country Facts

    We have two seasons in Costa Rica: dry and rainy season. The Costa Rican summer usually runs from December to April during which we have sunny days and an average temperature (Heredia) of 75- 80 degrees F (24-27 degrees C). On the coast, the temperatures are higher and can be between 90-95 degrees F (32-35 degrees C). The rainy season is usually from May to November during which we have sunny mornings and rainy afternoons and evenings. In September to mid-November days can be cloudy and rainy all day and night. The weather does vary depending on where you are in Costa Rica, which means the weather does vary depending on where you are in Costa Rica.

    Because Costa Rica is one of the most politically, socially, and economically stable countries in Latin America it has a great demand for English teachers and is strategically located to catapult you to any other country in Latin America after your graduation to teach EFL.

    The population of Costa Rica is just over 4.5 million, which is small in contrast to other Latin American countries. The people are homogenous in terms of descendants; coming from mainly European backgrounds. The economy is strong, as recent business initiatives have drawn it away from natural resources exports as more technology based corporations are developing. Unemployment is very low estimated at approximately 6.6%.

    Costa Rica has a reputation and history of providing its people with a strong social welfare system and for negotiating peaceful resolutions to political disputes. The government maintains very high educational standards.

    Geographically, the country is one of the most dramatically picturesque in Latin America with bountiful and beautiful coast lines as well as stunning mountains surrounded by an unprecedented wealth of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is a dream come true for all nature lovers and eco-tourist. The local people are known to be very friendly and uphold a strong environmental awareness. The pace of life in Costa Rica is very relaxed and its population is conservative in their approach to life. Costa Ricans affectionately refer to themselves as "Ticos"; they value family above all else. Religious holidays are very elaborate festivals which abound all around the country. At night, the "Ticos" like to show off how skilled they are on the dance floor and find many occasions to dance the night away.

    The general atmosphere of the country, city and school provide you with the perfect environment to earn your internationally recognized certificate and begin a new career in EFL.

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