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    Shared Apartment: Shared Student Room
    One, two, or three bedroom apartment.
    (Approx. €360 Euro - €450 Euro for 4 weeks, plus €200 Euro deposit.)
    Note: limited availability.

    Shared Apartment: Single Private Room
    (Approx. €550 Euro - €600 Euro for 4 weeks, plus €200 Euro deposit.)

    Homestay: Live with an Italian Family
    Half board is included which is breakfast and dinner.
    (Approx. €950 Euro - €1,000 Euro for 4 weeks, plus €200 Euro deposit.)

    Studio or one bedroom apartment:
    Choose a studio or apartment all to yourself!
    (Approx. €1,000 Euro for 4 weeks, plus deposit of one month's rent.)

    Important Information:

    a) To be able to book any type of accommodation you will need to provide a €200 Euro non-refundable deposit, unless stated differently by the landlord.

    b) Apartments: At the end of your stay, utility costs will be taken from that deposit and you will be refunded the remainder (provided that no damage has been done to the apartment).

    c) Home-stay: You will receive your entire deposit back at the end of your stay (provided that no damage has been done). You will be asked to contact the landlord one week prior to your arrival in order to specify your arrival details so that he or she can meet you at your accommodation to give you the key.

    d) There is no internet access at most of the apartments/home-stays. Fixed phone usage may be available but will require a fee based on the type of calls made.

    e) For all accommodation options, you will need to bring only your own towels. All linens, etc. will be provided for you.

    f) In SINGLE room only options, the other single room renter may be male or female.

    Important Warning: If the apartment is left in a very dirty state, your landlord reserves the right to subtract an additional cleaning fee from your deposit. Please leave your apartment in the same condition that you find it in.

    *PRICES RANGE depending on which landlord has an available apartment, other factors include location and amenities.

    Contact us for details!