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  • Course Content

    The certification program is designed for people who want a professional, accredited certification to teach English anywhere in the world. The 4-week/150-hour program includes 100 hours of classroom instruction and 25 hours of practical teaching and observation and an additional 25 hours of required self-study and research outside of the classroom. The 25 hours of teaching practice and observation is the greatest number of hours offered by any other course and is a determining factor for your CV since employers always look for graduates who have the greatest number of actual teaching practice hours.

    It is characterized by intense academic content and also includes an excellent practical teaching component. The overall aim of the training is to provide you with a professional graduate-level Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification, including a balance between the theory and methodology of ESL. The program is geared toward people who prefer dynamic classroom interaction with other participants and the experience and insight that our trainers provide. Class time is Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Trainees have to attend mini-lessons in the evening during their 3rd week from approximately 3:00 pm to 6:00 PM.

    Upon completion; graduates receive an internationally recognized certificate. Moreover, all participants receive a personalized recommendation letter from the Executive Director that can be included with your resume/CV as an employment reference when applying for teaching positions anywhere in the world.

    The Course is divided in 12 Modules:

    Module 1
    Learning and Teaching Theory
    Module 2
    Lesson Planning
    Module 3
    Class Management
    Module 4
    Critical ESL Teaching Techniques
    Module 5
    English Grammar Review, Part 1
    Module 6
    English Grammar Review, Part 2
    Module 7
    Teaching Grammar
    Module 8
    Teaching Vocabulary

    Module 9
    Teaching Productive Skills (Speaking and Writing)

    Module 10
    Teaching Receptive Skills (Reading and Listening)
    Module 11
    Assessing & Testing Learners

    Module 12
    Using Games, Drama, and Role Play to Teach English


    A Special introduction to international English exams: TOEFL,
    Cambridge, Michigan, and IELTS.

    Our trainees are continually assessed. There are no written examinations, but there are 2 required academic papers and a professional portfolio. Full class attendance is required.

    The final assessment is based on the following:
    • Class Participation - 30%
    • Student Teaching - 40%
    • 2 Papers and portfolio - 20%
    • Lesson Plans - 10%

    Your certificate will show the grade as follows:
    • Pass/Excellent
    • Pass/Good
    • Pass/Satisfactory
    • Fail

    Even though it is an intensive and challenging program, the majority of our participants (around 95%) pass the course. Overall, 60% are awarded a grade of Pass/Good, 5% receive a grade of Pass/Excellent, and 30% receive a grade of Pass/Satisfactory.