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    Meet Our Trainers

    Our Teacher Trainer:

    Melanie is our TEFL Trainer at the Buenos Aires location. She has proven an extensive teaching experience including excellent people skills and she is a proactive problem solver. She has completed her TEFL course and holds a Master's Degree in TESOL as well.

    Teaching methods employed:

    - Lectures.
    - Using specific TEFL DVDs and course overhead projectors and slides.
    - Live and computer-based demonstrations.
    - Show-and-do, hands-on ESL student experiences.
    - Teaching daily ESL classes using demonstration and hands-on techniques.

    The teaching staff in Buenos Aires is selected based on their level of education, experience and attitude. Tutors are carefully chosen to be outgoing, hardworking, and detail oriented. Tutors are dedicated to tackle every type of learning style in the classroom and to support both visual and auditory learning styles. A full-time office staff ensures each student gets personalized attention and has fun while studying at the school. Our trainers are extroverts by nature and students can expect that each of their classes will be a nice mix of study and fun.

    We are passionate about our students and their academic progress. Our curriculum encourages students to develop their skills using a task-based method. Our trainers are highly experienced, native English speakers with Bachelor's and/or Master's degrees plus at least 2 years as teacher trainers. We highlight communication in the classroom and encourage the exchange of ideas during class.