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    Teach English in United Kingdom

    Teaching English in the UK can be quite difficult, as employment laws demand native English speakers with a European citizenship. Finding a job is only achievable if the teacher applies and is sponsored by the employer previous to entering the country. Additionally, the cost of living is high particularly near or in London. Lodgings can be very difficult to come across in London and prices rise by the hour. Some minor towns may have employers who arrange for the English teacher to stay with host families. There are numerous private schools in the U.K.; the potential teacher can effortlessly contact them on the internet. Weekly salaries range from $500 to $600 US which may seem high until you meet the high cost of living.

    Traveling to the United Kingdom

    The U.K. embraces Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. London is the heart of the country and has a population of approximately 7 million people. Currency is the pound sterling which trades at approximately 0.5 to 1 US dollar. Economically, the U.K. has a strong well established system. The pound sterling is one of the highest worth currencies.

    The UK was officially established in the 12th century under a monarchy rule after many tribal infusions. British Colonization was so widespread that at one time the U.K. ruled almost 25% of the world. The modern era has been marked by Queen Victoria who during her reign stabilized the democratic style government. After the significant involvement in WWI and WWII, a new young Queen Elizabeth ushered in the mid 20th century. The government combines a monarchy and a parliamentary system. Nowadays, the U.K. is headed by a more decentralized governing body and a strong monarchy. Numerous scientific developments and contributions to art, music and literature are due to British modernization.

    The Climate can go as low as 38 F and as high as 65 F. Summer is cool and winter is mild. Clouds usually cover the shores and it does rain a lot. Citizens of the United Kingdom are notorious for their sophisticated style and sharp intellect. Moreover, London is a world class destination mainly because you can find everything these.

    There are plenty of green landscapes and a peaceful countryside. The city of Bath is known for its architectural treasures and first century hot springs. History lovers spend hours discovering many museums. The gorgeous town hosts the Avon River as well as many parks. In Ireland, where the saying "kindness of strangers" was invented, glows in green. There is a pub also almost in every corner. Live music venues make for an enjoyable night on the town.

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