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    Teach English in Thailand

    In Thailand, the longer you are willing to stay the best as most employers take that as a great commitment. Thais are rather wholehearted and love excitement; consequently, teaching with games can be their favorite learning approach. They have different traditions which should be taken into consideration, for instance, you would dress conservatively, and keep your hand gestures small since large overexcited ones are taken as bad-mannered. The job hunting season begins from mid-March to mid-May; when public schools are on vacation. October is also another good month.

    Bangkok and Chang Mai host most public and private schools and there are other options where competition is not that high. Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Sawan, and Khon Kaen would be great alternatives. Therefore, teachers do not struggle in searching for work in other areas, although salaries can be quite low. You can earn approximately $5 USD per hour to $16 USD depending on the type of schools and hours of teaching. Positions in Universities and the best option if you are a native English speaker with a college/university degree; You can no longer teach English in Thailand just by speaking English. Moreover, you are required to have a work visa to work legally, which most employers are willing to provide. Accommodations vary from $130 US to $500 US per month. Cost of living is for the most part very low.

    Traveling to Thailand

    Thailand is found in Southeast Asia and brushes the South China Sea, the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, and Southeast of Burma. It is estimated to host 67 million people. It borders Burma, Laos, and Malaysia. The climate is tropical since it is near the equator and it is humid and hot for the most part. The summer months from February to June temperatures can reach the 95 F and in the cooler months temperatures remain around 85 F. In Chang Mai, temperatures may be as low as 56 F at night, to highs of 95 F during the day. Thailand's currency is the Thai Baht which trades at approximately 1 USD for 31 Bhat.

    The official language is Thai; nevertheless English is spoken in the elite. The population is 95% Buddhist and approximately 4% Muslim. Thailand used to be known as Siam until 1939. It is the single country in South-eastern Asia that was never conquered by a European country. Economically, Thailand rose productivity since the 1970s when the whole Asian region collapsed. The recovery period from this time has been keeping steady; Thailand has one of the strongest economies in the region.

    There are numerous ancient ruins that are delightfully preserved because of the mild climate. The cuisine is world famous for its sugary, savory, piquant, and pungent properties. Thailand is known warmly as "the land of smiles; visitors experience a congenial service. Bangkok, the largest city, has excess in landscapes, smells and sounds. The floating market place, one of the main attractions is found along the Chao Phraya River where you can find almost anything. The spectacular royal palace is home to a reclining gold Buddha.

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