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    Guaranteed Job Placement

    The School is unique in offering a job guarantee in Prague to every trainee who successfully completes the course. The usual course size is 12 trainees. Further, by doing a course at the school where you plan to work, you will eliminate the post course stress that teachers face when trying to find employment in a foreign country. The course will keep you quite busy and not having to worry about finding a job after will ease the pressure.

    We offer the unique opportunity of a job guarantee to those trainees who successfully pass the program. Thanks to the fact that we offer a job with one of the biggest language schools in the Czech Republic, you can start teaching English right after the course. You do not have to worry about visa and work permits; we will help you arrange all the important official documents.

    Job Guarantee Specifications

    The job guarantee is based on the grade system: The Prague TEFL program awards the following passing grades: PASS 1 (excellent pass), PASS 2 (good pass), and PASS 3 (basic pass), with PASS 3 being the lowest passing grade.

    Those who receive a PASS 1 will receive a full-time job guarantee following the course. The full-time job guarantee expires 7 months after the end of the course. We offer our successful graduates a contract for 7 months, as this is how long their first visa is valid for. However, if both sides agree, the contract can be extended.

    Those who receive a PASS 2 will be considered for a full-time position following the course, depending on current hiring needs, and will be offered employment upon a successful interview with the academic staff. Those who receive a PASS 3 and those who do not pass the course have no job guarantee.

    If you are not interested in the job guarantee feature or if you do not obtain a sufficient grade, we offer all trainees an extensive job guidance program, which can help you to find a job appropriate to your needs.

    Our Staff will help you with practical relocation issues, like getting your local transport pass (included in the price) and assist with work and residency visas after the course.

    The specially designed job guidance program is included in the course to help you succeed in the job market and will be available to you anytime during your life. During the job guidance sessions we will show you how to create a CV/résumé and cover letter, prepare you for interviews and inform you about the current ESL job market worldwide.

    Job Guidance Topics
    • Revising and/or preparing your CV/résumé and writing an ESL cover letter
    • Professional advice on ESL interview structures and techniques
    • Aspects of the current ESL market
    • Conditions in various countries
    • What to look for in a language school
    • Lists of employment opportunities and contact details for schools, both in the Czech Republic and around the globe
    • Job guidance via phone or email
    • Academic references available upon request from your course tutors

      Visa assistance

      Please note there is an additional fee of €420 EUR for embassy trip, paperwork, etc. Our VISA assistance is the cheapest on the market and covers following: trade licence fee, legal and notary translations, affidavit, transportation costs to Berlin a back and other minor fees. Also, further help of VISA Coordinator is included. It is called VISA Application fee.

      Job Offer Program

      In addition to the job contacts worldwide, you will have the opportunity of Teaching English in the following destinations: intriguing China, modern South Korea, exotic Thailand, mysterious Saudi Arabia, exciting Spain, charming France, fun Mexico, or Online! Through the Job Offer program, you will be introduced to different private, public and language schools, and we will assist you in the whole process. Learn more!