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  • The 5 stages of our TEFL job guidance program

    Stage 1:

    • TEFL TESL TESOL CV/resume preparation.
    • Guidance on what schools like to see and expect in a EFL ESL Teaching CV/resume.
    • Instructions are given to Trainees on where to get their certificate picture taken.
    • Benefits commitment requested from schools and the degree of possible growth in different job settings. (Visual Presentation)
    • By the end of week one, trainees let ITTO staff know their 5 preferred locations where they have chosen to be placed at the end of the course.
    • Stage 1 is a group tutorial towards the end of week one.

    Stage 2:

    • Personalized job guidance counselling.
    • Feedback is given to Trainees on their chosen locations.
    • Individual sessions with ITTO counselors to provide information regarding the pros and cons of teaching in different countries, the conditions of employment and the nature of teaching in various locations.
    • Instructions on what to include and how to write an effective TEFL cover Letter.
    • First review of CV/resume and amended if necessary.
    • Stage 2 is personalized counseling during week two.

    Stage 3:

    • Instruction on how to conduct an effective TEFL TESL TESOL job search.
    • Teaching jobs overseas search and application procedure.
    • Trainees are primed with information regarding questions to expect and questions to ask during a TEFL / TESL / TESOL interview.
    • Dos and Don’ts during an interview in a foreign country.
    • Second review of CV/resume and amended if necessary.
    • Stage 3 is individual counseling during week two, however, should trainees require it, counselors are available throughout the course for consultation.

    Stage 4:

    • Counselors assist trainees with further job applications and monitor trainee's job search techniques.
    • Personal guidance on professional EFL/ESL organizations trainees can join as they start and move on their new career.
    • Preparation for the interview situation in a foreign country.
    • Reference to EFL publishers and software developers that will enrich our trainees' resources for their teaching career.
    • Stage 4 is personalized and takes place throughout weeks three and four.

    Stage 5:

    • Expert instruction is given to prepare trainees for the practicalities of a TEFL TESL TESOL interview.
    • Trainees are primed with information regarding questions to expect and questions to ask during a TEFL TESL TESOL interview.
    • General information on facts for the country where trainees will start their new career.
    • Trainees are primed with cultural and social information on what it is like to teach in their preferred location.
    • General information on how to process work visas in the countries selected by trainees.
    • Procedure to secure accommodation in the countries where trainees are being placed.
    • Personal guidance on how to successfully present at an EFL interview the professional portfolio that each trainee created during our course.
    • Stage 5 is a group tutorial and takes place during week four.

    *The order of stages can be adapted to individual needs.