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    Course Content

    The advanced TEFL course is Thailand's premier international-standard 4-week, 120-hour course, leading to the certificate in English teaching.

    Non-English speakers throughout the world are finding it more and more necessary to use English in their employment, studies, and daily lives. This has created a huge demand for EFL teachers across the globe. The advanced TEFL course in Phuket will train you to take advantage of this. We are confident the our course is of the highest quality and the best value course offered in Thailand today!

    The course covers all the important aspects of teaching methodology. You will learn the theory of English language teaching, refresh your grammar skills, observe experienced teachers in action, and finally conduct practice classes of your own with real students. In fact, our trainees get more actual practice classes than any other provider. Our progressive approach, supervised at every stage, ensures your success in this great comprehensive course. We also include a Thai language and culture module designed to give trainees the experience of being a language student.

    Some areas covered are:
    • Language analysis
    • The Learner, the Teacher and the Learning/Teaching Context
    • Assessing learner level
    • Planning for effective lessons
    • Classroom management skills
    • Teaching methodology
    • Resources and materials
    • Professional development
    • Classroom observation
    • Teaching practice

    The 4 week course is conducted over four weeks from Monday to Friday at our training center in Phuket. The teacher training course has 4 components; EFL teaching methodology, English grammar, class observation and teaching practice.

    The course is held in accordance with recognized international standards and is validated by the Ministry of Education. This ensures every trainee receives the very best instruction.

    You will be guided through the process of planning, preparation, implementation and reflection of each lesson. In the end, you will be able to:

    • Plan effective English lessons suited to the learner level of your class
    • Apply the theory of English language learning to your lesson preparation
    • Implement EFL teaching methodology into the classroom
    • Manage a classroom
    • Have fun teaching!

    The Schedule

    The training course runs (most days) from 10 am until 6 pm daily, with a one hour lunch break between 1 pm and 2 pm. Some days may have an earlier start or later finish depending on student schedules for class observation and teaching practice classes.

    Evenings and weekends are free to let you explore Patong and Phuket, although some independent study will be necessary during the evenings/weekends to complete assignments and prepare for the next day's sessions or teaching practice.

    Feel free to contact us to request a sample schedule.

    Teaching practice

    During the program you will prepare and teach a minimum of 10 practice classes with real students in a classroom situation.

    All teaching practice sessions are observed by a qualified English teacher who will complete a performance report to provide constructive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. All our teachers are highly qualified and have also taken this course to help you as you practice and improve.

    Teaching practice is an important, integral part of the course, and is undertaken in small groups of 3-4 trainees with volunteer students at different learner levels. The Course Trainer conducts feedback sessions after all practice classes.

    Course Assessment

    You are continually assessed throughout your course. However, at the end of the course trainees will complete a written methodology and English grammar exam, along with a practical teaching demonstration of a pre-planned lesson.

    Successful graduates are awarded a dual TEFL/TESL certificate. This comes along with a summary prepared by your course trainers detailing your performance throughout the course.

    Whatever your future plans as an English teacher, whether in Phuket, elsewhere in Thailand, or even in other countries, you can be certain that with your training and certificate you will receive attractive teaching job offers from quality schools.