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  • Excursions

    One of the most valuable aspects of gaining your TEFL Certification and/or Teaching in Mexico is the opportunity to really live the culture of this beautiful land. An important part of our program is that we provide our students with just such an opportunity. In addition to the wide variety of cultural events that take place here in the historical downtown area, which are absolutely free of charge, we organize field trips to certain areas of special interest. Flexibility is a key feature in our program.

    Years of experience have taught us that not all students enjoy the same activities outside the classroom. There is a small additional charge for these excursions to cover the cost of transportation and the tour guide. ITTO does not receive any part of this fee. Though the arrangements for the excursions are made by us, students are asked to pay all fees directly to the service provider. Excursions are organized in and out of the city, enabling students to compare the enthusiasm and bustle of modern Mexico with the most provincial countryside. Students are responsible for their own meals on the excursions.

    Guadalajara - Tlaquepaque

    We visit historical, cultural and traditional places. Los Arcos de Guadalajara, Hospicio Cabañas (Humankind Patrimony), Minerva Fountain, Republic Square, Niños Heroes Monument, the Cathedral, Expiatorio Plaza, El Palacio de Gobierno, the famous Degollado Theatre, and picturesque San Pedro Tlaquepaque with its typical arts and crafts of the region. The tour takes approximately 5 hours and is available Monday through Saturday. US $15: Departure at 9:30 a.m.

    Lake Chapala and Ajijíc

    Lake Chapala, the largest lake in the country, is located 30 miles Southeast of Guadalajara. A visit to its towns and villages along the shore is a truly memorable experience. The town of Chapala boasts a beautiful church and pier. Ajijic is an old rustic town with craft shops, handmade rugs, clothing, leather goods, and silver jewelry there is also a beautiful American residential colony called Chulavista. The tour takes approximately 6 hours with one hour for lunch and is available for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. US $20: Departure at 9:30 a.m.


    We will take you to the land of Tequila which is 30 miles West of Guadalajara. Learn the History of Mexico´s national drink; its planting, harvest, distillation, aging process, and its taste. We visit the ranch "El Indio" where you can see the cultivation of the plant that is used to make tequila, the blue agave. After experiencing the Mexican ranch, we will then take you to the processing plant where the distilling process will be explained. You will also see the aging warehouses. Souvenirs and samples are available. Do not miss this unique experience. The tour takes approximately 6 hours and is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. US $20: Departure at 9:30 a.m.

    Tequila Express

    On your way to the town of Tequila, snacks and complimentary drinks will be offered. Once you arrive, you will head directly to Casa Sauza where a tour guide will show you the premises and explain the history of Casa Sauza. Next, you will visit the production area, followed by the old distillery where you will see all the tools and instruments of the time. Finally, you will enjoy a Mexican buffet lunch accompanied by a live show of folk dances, charro tricks, impersonators and mariachi music. Duration of the tour: 9 hours. *Prices: $1,200.00 pesos for adults and $1,080.00 pesos for children under 12, it includes lunch.

    Magdalena, Jalisco - Mining zone

    Live a different experience, visit the mine, "La Lupita", in the heart of the San Simon mining zone located only 9km from Magdalena, Jalisco one and a half hours from Guadalajara. Come and we'll take you into the fascinating and mysterious world that encompasses this precious gem.

    The journey includes a visit to the mine where you can find your own opal inside, a visit to the workshops where we can help you polish your opal, information, orientation and details so you can understand, distinguish and value the different qualities of opals. Then a break will be taken, and visit the gift museum where you can appreciate photographs of the different mines in the region and winning pieces from the National Craft Competition, shop for silver and gold jewelry, buy obsidian turtles with opal shells, animal figurines in opal quarry, loose stones and many other interesting things that have been prepared for you.

    Venture to discover and explore the magical and mysterious world that surrounds this extraordinary gem.

    The National Stone

    Costs are from $ 220 pesos per hour with a maximum of 4 people for an excursion. WE OFFER:

    • Magdalena-Mine-Magdalena Transportation
    • The guarantee that what you find is yours
    • Helpful instruction to polish your stone
    • Certification of your unique stone
    • The best attention with English spoken personnel