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  • ITTO Extra-Curricular Activities

    Trainees are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and social activities here in our Institute, in the historical downtown area, around the city of Guadalajara and even in their "own home" (homestay program).

    Language and cultural exchange group at ITTO.

    For those interested in practicing their Spanish, a language and cultural exchange group has also been formed. It is made up of trainee-teachers, and students studying English or Spanish. Students take turns practicing language and sharing about their culture. With over 2000 Mexican learners of English as a foreign language, you are sure to obtain a real cultural and linguistic interchange. This activity takes place at the main building of the EFL School.

    Focused conversations:

    If you wish to Teach in Mexico, we highly recommend you gain a deeper insight of Mexican culture. You are cordially invited to our lectures where related discussions follow. With the use of movies, CD ROMS, slide shows, etc.; among others, some of the following topics are practiced daily at 3:00 pm, with NO extra charge. On your first day of class, you should speak to our Students Service Coordinator, in order to arrange your teaching practices schedule, so that it does not conflict with this activity.

    • History and Culture of Guadalajara.
    • History and Culture of Mexico.
    • Quinceañeras.
    • Aztecs.
    • Let's visit Mexico.
    • Celebrating the Day of the Dead, among many others.

    City tours

    Some exciting activities during the summer months are the walking and bus tours. These are open to all people, so our students join with other vacationers. The tour visits many places and sites of interests around the city. Since Guadalajara sports a wealth of beautiful architecture and historical buildings, these tours are very worthwhile. Most of the sites visited are located in the downtown area, as are we. The tour guide informs the participants about the significance and cultural points of the different sites. The great thing about these tours is that they are completely FREE. They are conducted on various days of the week. There are both morning and afternoon tours as well. During the summer months, we update our students on the different tour options so that they can take advantage of them.